Acknowledgements and Inspirations

I am nothing if not my own curiosity and the education I was fortunate enough to receive.


You won’t know them and this page isn’t for you (unless of course you do, then well never mind), sorry. I just feel like I’d like to thank some memorable people that lead to this project(not listing everyone who is just memorable, you know I care),


Without a doubt my women’s studies professor, absolutely brilliant, you made the class interesting and it’s been the single most important class I’ve ever taken thus far in my life. Seriously, everyone should take a gender studies class

My 1st philosophy professor that helped me realize my passion. I thought I was irreconcilably aimless until you saved me and opened my mind to the opportunityof studying philosophy. I can’t imagine doing anything else anymore, so infinite mega thank you


To my extended mother, you know who you are, for teaching me that writing can be fun n’ stuff. It makes this whole project entirely enjoyable.

To the beaver, you know what I think. Thanks,

coolkid1998? I forgot the year to be honest. You’re advice has been more meaningful than I’ll ever admit to you. Thanks, but the old people were laughing at you, not me

To that guy that probably would have massive and explosive diarrhea at your sister’s wedding, dude I can’t even begin… Maybe one day in  painfully long Christmas card. But for now, thanks

and I’m sure this list will go on as time passes, so to all the future elites of this page, thank you!



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