Just what is this?


Do you believe in God? What does it mean to believe in God? Who/What is God?

If everyone had an easily accessible button that would instantly exterminate humanity, would we continue to exist? If not, how could we mature ourselves to the point were we could?

How are you? Actually though, how are you? Do you laugh frequently? Do you love yourself? Do you run, jump, scream and.. well… live and love loving life!?


I’m just a regular person on my own journey. I don’t know if I know anything at all, but I’d love to get to know you! Really! Life is… something I still want to learn how to express my joy for. Life is when I step outside, breathe warm, slightly humid air as I ride my rusty bicycle into nature. It’s the smell of summer, the feeling of mist from sprinklers, the gentle touch from someone who deeply cares for me. Life is frightening, thinking of oppressive poverty that affects people and drives them mad, the genocides that have consumed so much potential in human culture and instead replaced it with overwhelming grief and hatred. Life is a near infinite number of ideas and experiences I have yet to understand and will never understand. Yet, somehow, life is still…

What is life for you? If your interested in anything of this sort, comment, post, email me, and talk about it! Even if your not, everyone is welcome! I want to learn from you and teach you, it’ll be fun, so laugh and enjoy!


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